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Angelton Criminal Defense Lawyer

Crenshaw & Purvis, L.L.P., 118 E Locust St, Angelton TX 77515

Angelton Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Michael M Phillips Law Firm P.C., PO Box 1030, Angelton TX 77516

Angelton Criminal Defense Lawyer

Jimmy Phillips Jr. P.C., PO Box 29, Angelton TX 77516

Angelton Criminal Defense Lawyer

Judge, County Court at Law #3, Brazoria County Courthouse, 111 E Locust St # 321A, Angelton TX 77515

Angelton Criminal Defense Lawyer

Brazoria County District Attorney's Office, 111 E Locust St Ste 408A, Angelton TX 77515

Angelton Personal Injury Lawyer

Law Office of Lynn J. Klement, PO Box 1744, 300 N. Velasco, Angelton TX 77516

Angelton Employment and Labor Lawyer

Law Office of Clark Woodson III, 601 E Myrtle St, Angelton TX 77515

Angelton Family Lawyer

Law office of Faye Gordon, 201 E Myrtle St Ste 126, Angelton TX 77515

Angelton Family Lawyer

Scott M. Brown & Associates, 121 E Myrtle St, Angelton TX 77515

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