How Can You Obtain A Durable Power Of Attorney Form?

A durable power of attorney is used for appointing an agent to protect your interests. Know how to obtain this form.

A durable power of attorney is a legal document that can be used to appoint someone legally to represent you and take care of your interests in case you get incapacitated. If you are the one who is making the document, you will be known as the 'principal'. The individual you will appoint as a representative for representing your interests in the event that you get incapacitated will be known as ' attorney-in-fact' or 'agent'. Find out how you can get this type of legal form.

Go to the local court

You can simply visit the courthouse of your local court and then get a copy of the form by paying a 'print fee'. When you have made a proper durable POA, it is time that you sign and notarize it. When you sign a durable POA, it comes into effect immediately. Once it is notarized, your county will make a record of the same and offer legal evidence that can be used in case disputes arise at a later point. For more information about getting a power of attorney document, please visit this website.

Download from the internet

You may just download such a form from the web, and print it out for use. There are plenty of websites that offer free durable power of attorney form or simple power of attorney form template that is offered at a small fee. You can first fill up the form on your PC and download it to sign and then notarize it or download the blank form and then fill it up, have it signed and notarized. Keep in mind that you should check whether the form that you are using is customized to your own situation and laws of the county.

Approach your lawyer

You may also simply approach your family lawyer and request him to give you a power of attorney document. This is the easiest way to get this legal form, but you might be required to visit the local court personally. It should comprise of special wording offering powers to the delegate, in order to survive the principal’s capacity. The document comes into effect as soon as it is signed by a principal, unless it mentions that the conditions should be within the laws of the state.


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