Opt Mobile Notary Service Los Angeles CA

Opt Mobile Notary Service Los Angeles CA

If you have ever required something notarized, you appreciate that the process is a hassle. Searching   notary to visit is growing tricky; finding the time to visit a notary might be even harder.

And it’s not like you may just wait around. Notarized documents are regularly the last thing between mortgages for the home of your dreams, establishing power of attorney for a family member, or a travel consent form for your little one.

The industry’s answer for a more suitable notary process is the mobile notary. But what is a mobile notary? How they are diverse from the notaries you might find in a bank or office park as well as how do they ease the headache of obtaining documents notarized?

Bringing the Notary Public To You

Unlike an in office or online notary, a mobile is a notary public who activities to meet clients in-person. Usually, you should make an appointment as well as wait to meet a mobile notary at a specified time and location.

These notaries are classically utilized as part of the mortgage closing process where multiple parties' signatures require to be collected. They are mainly valuable with mortgage closings conducted across state lines. Other areas where it is typical to see a mobile or travelling notary utilized is in third-party mail services, power of attorney, leases as well as lease guarantor forms.

Mobile Notary Service Los Angeles CA

We will meet as well as surpass your mobile notary needs throughout Los Angeles county. Additionally we provide services in certified document translation, oath administration as well as may offer language interpreters as well as investigators of elections.

We are licensed, bonded, insured, trained and certified notaries in California by the National Notary Group as well as National Notary Association. We have performed plenty of notary signings throughout Los Angeles County during our years in business. We provide competitive rates as well as will travel throughout the state of California

What can a mobile notary charge?

A Mobile Notary Santa Monica can charge a travel fee, notary fees, waiting fees if there is excessive waiting such as for hospital as well as jail notarizations, occasionally there are some copying fees,  if the notary is authorized, there might be document preparation fees as well as Late night extra fees are charged by several organizations or companies as well. The price can be excessive in many cases. State regulated notary fees fluctuate from state to state. Six states have restrictions to what a notary may charge as a travel fee.

Where do mobile notaries travel to?

It depends on who the clients are. 80% of the amount of mobile notary work is loan signing. In a loan signing you would travel to the borrower's home perhaps as well as sign on the dining room table. Sometimes, borrowers favour to sign at a restaurant if their house is undergoing repairs or for various other reasons. Occasionally the borrowers prefer to sign at work.


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