Attorney Guest Blogging Opportunities is currently accepting articles from guest bloggers.

If you are a lawyer who would like to promote the expertise of yourself or your law firm, submit an informative and useful article on a specific law topic. Guest articles will be published on our website in the respective legal topic directory category.

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Article guidelines. Submissions to should:

Match Content to Category - Articles must be submitted to the most appropriate, and specific, category for their content.

Solve the Readers Query - Articles must be genuinely helpful and informative. They should provide the type of advice and guidance most typically sought by members of the public searching for Lawyers in the article category.

Unique Content - Articles must be high quality, well written, original content. Do not submit articles which are already published elsewhere, or are close variations of articles published elsewhere.

Length - Articles should be longer than 700 words.

Content Ownership - You must own the intellectual property of the content you submit as yours. Please correnctly attribute any outside sources used such as quotations, data, or images that you reference or use. 

Advertising - The article should of course demonstrate your expertise in a particular area, but avoid advertising and self promotion content. If the article feels like an advert it will not be approved. Please do not include links in the main body of the article.

Biography - You may include an Author Biography section at the end of the article (Maximum of 100 words). This may include a headshot of the author, and importantly external links to the authors' personal or company website.

Review process - All articles will be manually reviewed by our editors. Only articles which meet these submission guidelines will be approved for publication. The editors retain the right to delete articles which do not meet these submission guidelines. The review process may take up to eight working days.