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Oklahoma City Divorce and Separation Lawyer

Marie Elaine Schuble, 313 NE 21st St, Oklahoma City OK 73105

Oklahoma City Divorce and Separation Lawyer

Jarred John Elwell, 252 NW 70th ST, Oklahoma City OK 73116


Why Your Estate Planning Attorney & Matrimonial Attorney Should Meet

Any divorce, regardless of the amount of assets of the couple, involves changes to the legal status between two individuals that will have a natural effect on your estate plan. Meeting with your estate planning attorney and having that attorney coordinate with your matrimonial attorney can prepare you for the most positive outcome. With input of both attorneys, you will be able to understand what changes you can make and at what point in the process you can and should make the changes. Continue reading →

Determining Paternity in Chicago, Illinois

Having to take a DNA test is not always the first thing men want to do or women want to ask to have done. But it is the only way to find out if a child is yours or not. However, legally establishing paternity in Illinois is a little different. And even more so, denying paternity. Continue reading →

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