Editorial Guidelines - Directory Listings

All new or edited submissions will be temporarily inactive until they have been reviewed by our editors. This may take upto 3 working days before the listing is (re)activated.

Submissions to LawyerDirectory.legal should:

  • Use well written high quality original content which is focussed on your practice areas and geographical location.
  • Be listed under you official, registered, company name.
  • Include only accurate and clear information, which we can verify through visiting bar directories and your website.
  • Use correct sentence and name capitalisation (do not enter all uppercase words). Also check, and re-check, your spelling.
  • Use a full physical address (not a PO box or partial address).
  • Use the English spelling of town names.
  • Include a correct and valid email address.

Submissions to LawyerDirectory.legal should NOT;

  • Use misleading or confusing practices.
  • Use a generic, location or practice area centric name for your listing.
  • Use an invalid office address.
  • Use a generic email address such as Hotmail or Gmail.

We encourage you to update your listing should any details require changing.

Please note that updated / edited listings are subject to the same editorial guidelines and review process.

LawyerDirectory.legal reserves the right to disapprove or edit, at our discretion, any submissions which do not meet these editorial guidelines or are otherwise not in keeping with the spirit of this directory.

Should we determine that your law practice misrepresents itself in any manner, or is not legitimate, your listing will be disapproved.