Editorial Guidelines - Articles

All new or edited submissions will be temporarily inactive until they have been reviewed by our editors. This may take upto 3 working days before the article is (re)activated.

Submissions to LawyerDirectory.legal should:

Match Content to Category - Articles must be submitted to the most appropriate, and specific, category for their content.

Solve the Readers Query - Articles must be genuinely helpful and informative. They should provide the type of advice and guidance most typically sought by members of the public searching for Lawyers in the article category.

Unique Content - Articles must be high quality, well written, original content. Do not submit articles which are already published elsewhere, or are close variations of articles published elsewhere.

Content Ownership - You must own the intellectual property of the content you submit.

External Links - Main Content - Do not include external links within the main body of the article.

External Links - Author Biography - You may include an Author Biography section at the end of the article (Maximum of 100 words). This may include an external link to the authors' personal or company website.

Please note that updated / edited listings are subject to the same editorial guidelines and review process.

LawyerDirectory.legal reserves the right to disapprove or edit, at our discretion, any submissions which do not meet these editorial guidelines or are otherwise not in keeping with the spirit of this directory.