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A criminal defense lawyer will protect your rights and secure the best outcome for your situaiton.

If you are facing criminal charges, be it a misdemeanor or felony, a capable defence attorney will provide you with advice and support, identify any defenses or plea bargin, and the best defense strategy for you.

Find a criminal defense lawyer who has experience of the type of offence you need help with.

Offences criminal defense lawyers specialize in include: DUI and DWI, Expungement, Federal crime, Juvenile law, Sex crime, Speeding and traffic ticket, Violent crime, White collar crime and more.

Birmingham Criminal Defense Lawyer

1932 Laurel Rd Suite 1-E Birmingham, AL, Birmingham 35216
(866) 359-0801

Guntersville Family Lawyer

1320 Gunter Ave, Suite A, Guntersville, AL, Guntersville 35976

Montgomery Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Huggins Law Firm, 200 South Lawrence Street, Montgomery AL 36104

Oneonta Criminal Defense Lawyer

Richard M. Phillips, LLC, 225 2nd Ave East, Oneonta AL 35121

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