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Find Criminal lawyers who specialize in defending individuals and organizations charged with criminal offenses.

Criminal lawyers will advise clients on their legal rights and options, conduct investigations, negotiate plea bargains, and represent clients in court proceedings.

Criminal lawyers work to protect the constitutional rights of their clients and to achieve the best possible outcome in each case, whether that be a dismissal of charges, acquittal at trial, or a reduction in sentence. Hiring a criminal lawyer can be crucial to ensure a fair trial and to navigate the criminal justice system.

Criminal Lawyers Directory

Iyer Law Office LLC

Tom Addair

Kaysi Fagan

Ruane Attorneys at Law, LLC

Shepherd and Hayes Law Firm, PLLC

Sean Fagan

Catherine Schwartz

Stephen T Bowling: DWI & Criminal Defen

James Silverstein

Jason Ortega

Rodney Cooper

Future First Criminal Law