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British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission

British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission is the regulatory authority for all financial services business operating in and from within the BVI.


The Branches of Tynwald, the Legislative Council and the House of Keys, sit in their separate chambers in Douglas to consider Bills. Bills which are passed by both Branches and then signed by a...

Isle of Man Law Society

The Isle of Man Law Society is the oldest Manx professional body, formed by the Law Society Act 1859 passed by Tynwald. The Society was originally established to provide access to the Law Library,...

Financial Supervision Commission

The Financial Supervision Commission is the regulator of banks, investment businesses, fiduciary service providers, collective investment schemes, e-money providers and money transmission services.

Bermuda Laws Online

Bermuda Laws Online is a database of Bermuda’s Statutes and Statutory Instruments. It contains both Consolidated Laws as amended up to 17th November 2011 and Annual Laws from 1993.

Isle of Man Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme

The Ombudsman Scheme is a free, independent dispute resolution service for customers with a complaint against an Isle of Man financial firm such as a bank, insurance company or financial adviser...

Business Bermuda

Business Bermuda is a non-profit business organization of Bermuda-resident service providers and international businesses which provide quality banking, insurance, reinsurance, legal, accounting,...

Bermuda Monetary Authority

The Bermuda Monetary Authority is the integrated regulator of the financial services sector in Bermuda.

Isle of Man Judgments

Judgments Online is the free, on-line database providing access to the judgments delivered by the Isle of Man Courts of Justice.