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Dema Partners LTD is a professional group of companies with offices all over the world. We are an offshore service provider since 2000 specializing in Offshore Private Foundation formation,...

The Legal Commune

The Legal Commune​, site of the Philippine Legal Community seeks to connect lawyers, individuals and businesses serving the legal industry. It aims to make available all information essential to...

Leading global tax and legal information portal supporting over 70 jurisdictions and associated service providers directories.

Company Law Forum

Discussing Companies Act 2006 and company law in general. All Rights Reserved. Company Law Forum
Jan 10, 2012 Magazines and Froum

Offshore Legal Jobs

Offshore Legal is a specialized recruitment consultancy that focuses entirely on the placement of legal professionals to law firms and other financial institutions right throughout the offshore world.
Jan 10, 2012 Law Recruitment helps lawyers and law firms with website design and SEO at a fair price.

Jersey Law

The official website of the Jersey Legal Information Board. This is the repository of all laws and judgments for the Island of Jersey.

Seychelles Association of Offshore Practitioners and Registered Agents

Seychelles Association Of Offshore Practioners and Registered Agents - SAOPRA.

Netherlands Tax Administration

The site of the Netherlands Tax Administration contains information about taxation for private individuals and entrepreneurs. Via this site, you can download programmes, forms and brochures and use...

Monaco Lawyer

This site, sponsored by the Monaco Office of Berg and Duffy, LLP, seeks to collect useful information about the laws of Monaco, including the text of the law in French, an English translation,...

Malta Ministry for Justice and Home Affairs

Malta Ministry for Justice and Home Affairs

Law Reform & International Law Bureau and Law Reform Consultative Committee

Law Reform & International Law Bureau and Law Reform Consultative Committee

Belgium Government

Web portal for official information and services of the Belgium Government, is the revised edition e-store of the Attorney General’s chambers of the Government of Anguilla. This site sells Revised Edition Law Packages and Updates in printed and CD-ROM...

Financial Supervision Commission

The Financial Supervision Commission is the regulator of banks, investment businesses, fiduciary service providers, collective investment schemes, e-money providers and money transmission services.