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Mardemootoo Solicitors

Mardemootoo Solicitors (MS) is one of the leading solicitors’ firms on the island of Mauritius.
Practice Areas: Business Law, Tax Law,
Jul 4, 2015 Mauritius

The Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Insdustry

The Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Insdustry (MCCI), established in 1850, is the oldest non-profit institution representing the private sector in Mauritius. With the increase in the island\'s...

Board of Investment, Mauritius

The Mauritius Board of Investment (BOI) is the national Investment Promotion Agency of the Republic of Mauritius falling under the aegis of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

The Bank of Mauritius

The Bank of Mauritius is the Central Bank of the Republic of Mauritius. Standing at the centre of the Mauritian financial system, the Bank is committed to promoting and maintaining monetary and...

Mauritius Financial Services Commission

The Financial Services Commission, Mauritius (FSC) is the integrated regulator for the financial services sector other than banking, and global business. The FSC was established in 2001 and...