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Lee and Garasia, LLC.

A full service immigration law firm located in Edison, New Jersey, handling matters both state and nationwide.
Practice Areas: Immigration Law,
Jul 7, 2015 New Jersey

Carey Olsen

Carey Olsen is a market leading offshore law firm. We deliver exceptional services to our clients from the key offshore financial centres of the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Guernsey...
Practice Areas: Bankruptcy Law, Employment Law, Real Estate Law, Tax Law,
Jul 2, 2015 Jersey

Jersey Law

The official website of the Jersey Legal Information Board. This is the repository of all laws and judgments for the Island of Jersey.

States Assembly

The official website of the States Assembly.

States of Jersey

The States of Jersey.

the Royal Court of Jersey

The Royal Court of Jersey is the principal court on the Island and hears both civil and criminal cases. There are two full-time judges the Bailiff (Chief Justice) and the Deputy Bailiff. Part-time...

Law Society of Jersey

The Law Society of Jersey is the governing body of lawyers practising as Advocates and Solicitors of the Royal Court of Jersey, Channel Islands.

Jersey Law Commission

The Jersey Law Commission reviews many different aspects of Jersey Law and is always to keen to hear from people who are interested in assisting the Commissioners by carrying out research on the...

Jersey Finance

Jersey Finance is a non-profit making organisation whose key objective is to promote and develop the benefits of Jersey as an international finance centre.