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The Legal Commune

The Legal Commune​, site of the Philippine Legal Community seeks to connect lawyers, individuals and businesses serving the legal industry. It aims to make available all information essential to...

Leading global tax and legal information portal supporting over 70 jurisdictions and associated service providers directories.

Jersey Law

The official website of the Jersey Legal Information Board. This is the repository of all laws and judgments for the Island of Jersey.

Netherlands Tax Administration

The site of the Netherlands Tax Administration contains information about taxation for private individuals and entrepreneurs. Via this site, you can download programmes, forms and brochures and use...

Monaco Lawyer

This site, sponsored by the Monaco Office of Berg and Duffy, LLP, seeks to collect useful information about the laws of Monaco, including the text of the law in French, an English translation,...

Macau Legal Portal

The web portal Juridico de Macau. Information about the constitution, general laws and regulations and general legal information regarding Macau.

British and Irish Legal Information Institute

British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII), where you can find British and Irish case law & legislation, European Union case law, Law Commission reports, and other law-related British...

Hong Kong Legal Information Institute

Hong Kong Legal Information Institute (HKLII) is a project of Law & Technology Centre, a centre jointly established by Department of Computer Science and Faculty of Law of the University of Hong...

Bilingual Laws Information System

The Department of Justice Bilingual Laws Information System (BLIS) is an electronic database of the legislation of Hong Kong. It is established and updated by the Department of Justice.

Belgium Government

Web portal for official information and services of the Belgium Government,

Cayman Islands Judicial and Legal Information Website

Cayman Islands Judicial and Legal Information Website