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The Official Website of the First State

Dubai Government

The Official Portal of Dubai Government

Swiss Government

Swiss Portal of the federal government, the cantons and the communes

Seychelles Government

The official Website for the Government of the Republic of Seychelles. Serves as a convenient for the public to locate Seychelles Government information and policies, the latest news and speeches,...

Government of Niue

A portal and resource of the Niuean government.

Netherlands Government is the central access point to all information about government organisations of the Netherlands.

Government of Montserrat

Government of Montserrat Official Website

Government of the Principality of Monaco

Official website of the Government of the Principality of Monaco

Liechtenstein Laws

Portal of the Liechtenstein National Administration - Legal Service of the Government.

Government of Malta Information

Interactive portal to Malta Government services including links to government websites, e-services, Prime Minister, local councils, directories, e-government information and an a-z directory of...

Government Printing Bureau

Government Printing Bureau Web site. Find laws, legislation, editions, books, cd-rom and Macau Law news.

Luxembourg Government

Information and news from the Luxembourg government.

Government Portal

Republic of Lebanon Government portal

Irish Government

Irish Government website

Grenada Government

Official web portal of the Grenada Government,

Hungarian Government

The official information homepage of the Government of Hungary.

Government of Gibraltar

Official Website of the Government of Gibraltar.

Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica

Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Cook Islands Government

Cook Islands Government website.

Costa Rica Government

The Government of Costa Rica.

Belgium Government

Web portal for official information and services of the Belgium Government,

The Government of the Bahamas

The official website of the Government of the Bahamas. is the revised edition e-store of the Attorney General’s chambers of the Government of Anguilla. This site sells Revised Edition Law Packages and Updates in printed and CD-ROM...

Government of Anguilla

An authoritative source of information about the departments and agencies of the Government of Anguilla, current information on policies and programmes and general information for prospective...

Govern dAndorra

Website for the government of Andorra.

Cayman Islands Financial Services

Government website for the Cayman Islands financial services.

States of Guernsey

States of Guernsey official website (Guernseys' government).