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Coxwell & Associates

At Coxwell & Associates, we are experienced and caring attorneys with a history of success. Each lawyer is passionate about providing the best legal representation and service available.
Practice Areas: Bankruptcy Law, Civil Rights Law, Criminal Law, Personal Injury Law,
Jul 6, 2015 Mississippi

Isidore & Associates LLP

Isidore & Associates LLP is a distinguish set of Solicitors/Barristers & Attorneys-at-Law with Chambers located in the Capital City of Roseau, in the Commonwealth of Dominica, The West Indies.
Practice Areas: Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Law, Real Estate Law,
Jul 1, 2015 Dominica

Legaleye Associates

Legaleye Associates is India's best law firm providing prompt legal services and solutions. A team of top corporate and commercial lawyers active in litigation, arbitration, commercial Laws. The...
Practice Areas: Business Law,
Jul 1, 2015 India

A. Nicolaou & Associates L.L.C.

A. Nicolaou & Associates L.L.C. was founded in 2012 on good standing principles. Our law firm in Cyprus deals with all general law matters islandwide.
Feb 25, 2013 Cyprus

Peter, Foster and Associates

Peter I. Foster & Associates are one of the leading law firms practicing in the State of Saint Lucia, with law offices at Suite No.1, 1st Floor, 25 Brazil Street, Castries, St. Lucia. The firm...
Practice Areas: Bankruptcy Law, Business Law, Employment Law, Intellectual Property Law, Real Estate Law,
Jan 1, 2012 Saint Lucia

Allen Markham and Associates

Allen Markham & Associates is a set of Barrister’s Chambers with over 5o years of quality experience from a well-rounded set of Attorneys. Our success stems from quality advocacy, quality advice...
Practice Areas: Business Law, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Estate Planning, Family Law, Immigration Law, Intellectual Property Law, International Law,
Dec 22, 2011 Montserrat