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States of Guernsey

States of Guernsey official website (Guernseys' government).
Nov 20, 2011

Guernsey Registry

The main functions of the Guernsey Registry are to examine and store information on various registers as required under Guernsey legislation. The Registry is required to make some of this...
Nov 20, 2011

Guernsey Financial Services Commission

The Guernsey Financial Services Commission is the regulatory body for the finance sector in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. The Commission’s primary objective is to regulate and supervise financial...
Nov 19, 2011

The Guernsey Bar

The website of the Guernsey Bar. The purpose of this site is to introduce the profession of Guernsey Advocate and Guernsey law itself. You will find on this website an introduction to the...
Nov 19, 2011

Guernsey Legal Resources

This website is a joint initiative of the Royal Court of Guernsey and the Law Officers of the Crown and reflects their commitment to improving the administration of justice in the Island by...
Nov 19, 2011

Guernsey Finance

Guernsey is widely recognised as one of the world's premier international finance centres. The Island has a unique mix of talent, independence and natural assets which has enabled financial...
Nov 19, 2011