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Austria Legal and Business Resources

Austria Legal and Business Resources.

Österreichisches Parlament

Austrian Parliament.
Dec 2, 2011

The judicial system in Austria

Detailed information on the Austrian Justice System and its institutions including the Ministry of Justice, the Courts, the Offices of Public Prosecution, the Detention Centres, the Probation...
Dec 2, 2011

Osterreichische Verfassungsgerichtshof

The Constitutional Court of Austria is the highest state body in Austria when considering constitutional law. By their decisions, the constitutional justices create legal certainty for federal and...
Dec 2, 2011

Austrian Financial Market Association

The Austrian Financial Market Association (FMA) is an independent, autonomous and integrated supervisory authority for the Austrian financial market, established as an institution under public law.
Dec 1, 2011

Österreichischer Rechtsanwaltskammertag

Bar Association of Austria.
Dec 1, 2011