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Los Angeles DUI

By duiattorne01 Sep 7, 2016 Los Angeles

Dealing with Driving while under the Influence (DUI) charges can be a painful lifetime experience to work with.

Los Angeles DUI

Dealing with Driving while under the Influence (DUI) charges can be a painful lifetime experience to work with. Whether it is fear of facing up to the charges against you in the court of law, the fear of judgment from the eyes of your friends or family, or just simply coping with the annoying billing fees that arise, DUI charges are a minor inconvenience that some of us face during our lifetime. Besides dealing with the emotional factor with yourself, you want to deal with the problem in the courtroom by finding a good attorney to defend you, as well as some other tips that we are going to share.

Seek Out for Help

The first thing to do is to seek out an attorney that fits you. There are many attorneys in Los Angeles that specialize in dealing with DUI cases. The attorney that you’re looking for is a person that has a good clean background full of experience in such matters, and one that won’t just advertise himself to you in order to swindle you out of your hard earned money. Remember that no attorney can absolutely guarantee you a quick win, and you should completely work with them in order to secure a much better chance at avoiding harsh penalties.

los angeles dui

If you haven’t already, you should probably search through your case for any possible mistakes that might help you get rid of the DUI charge. If you are able to find trusting witnesses that can back up your part of the story, you might just be able to get out with a go home free card from the courtroom.

Do Tests

If you’ve done a Breathalyzer test, which you should since it is regulated by law, your attorney might be able to find irregularities that might have accrued during your time of arrest. Breathalyzers are known to have mishaps during the testing time, and this might have just happened to you. Arguments based around the Breathalyzer test might be used to defend you by a smart Los Angeles attorney during court hearings.

Blood and urine tests are another source of topic that the attorney can look into. Most of the time, these tests are concluded in complicated circumstances, and mistakes occur quite often during the testing period. Talk to your attorney and see if he can dig up any irregularities that might have occurred during the time and location where the blood and urine tests took place.

As a final thought, during your consultation with your attorney, you have to be as transparent as possible. A meeting with Los Angeles DUI should work the same way as if let’s say you’re visiting a psychologist. You have to present all the good and bad things you’ve done, so he can know what to expect during your time in the courtroom. Don’t leave out any detail, as that might just take the attorney by surprise during the hearing. Attorneys must create solid and winning plans before the courtroom trial begins, so a simple mishap or a surprise is a very bad thing when someone is trying to defend you.