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Avvocato Federico Baglini

Italian lawyer based in Genoa and Chiavari, Liguria. The legal firm provides legal services in many areas of civil law, especially: • Property law; • Leasing and renting; • Immigration; •...

Corey Pollard Law

Justice can be difficult to get when you're battling the insurance company or federal government. But we can help. Corey Pollard represents injured workers, disabled adults, and medical malpractice...

Sampson Coward

Sampson Coward LLP is a solicitors firm based in Salisbury, Wiltshire in the UK. They provide legal advice to clients throughout the south of England, having built up a great reputation for success...

Mata & Pitti

Mata & Pitti is a Panamanian law firm that specializes in offshore legal services for individuals and businesses all around the world. Our dedicated team consists of highly experienced lawyers who...